Firm Services

Appellate Counsel

Full Appellate Representation.  By their nature, appeals can often be handled by a single focused attorney. Ultimately, there's one voice in the brief and one person at the podium. I have successfully handled cases this way in the Texas Supreme Court, the federal Fifth Circuit, and the Austin Court of Appeals — even against much larger litigation teams.

Or Working With Your Team.  When the economics do support having a litigation team on your side, I am very happy to complement their skills.

Consulting on Your Appeals

Strategy.  Appeals can be won with a fresh insight into how the issues fit together or a different approach to a problem that frustrated you in the trial court. A different pair of eyes can help, as can perspective gained from studying the docket.

Research, Writing, or Editing.  On a consulting basis, I will draft or revise appellate briefs when trial attorneys want a more limited engagement.

Discretionary Review.  When you need to get the Texas Supreme Court's attention (or to convince them not to take a petition), it can be critical to study how each issue in the case fits into the Court's larger docket. With discretionary review, those interactions can boost or dampen your chances.

Trial Support

Dispositive Motions.  Bringing an appellate lawyer on-board early to help win the key motions at trial can save time, money, and frustration. With recent changes to Texas motion-to-dismiss practice, early answers to these questions will be more critical than ever.